About Us

Our Mission

We bring together children to train and race in triathlons, in order to keep fit, have fun, and above all, engage in positive behavior.

What We Do

We provide the opportunity for underserved children to learn skills, receive training and get the support needed to participate in triathlons.

Our Sponsors

We partner with corporations for matching programs, public campaigns, employee engagement and other fundraising ideas tailored to the business’ market and brand.

Our Structure

Tri4SuperKids is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization managed by a board of directors which oversee officers and coordinators of national and local chapters.

Our Cause

Tri4SuperKids understands that children the world over enjoy swimming, biking and running. However, due to economic circumstances, many are often precluded from participating in sports like triathlons. Triathlons require young athletes to have access to a pool for regular training, as well as to own a bike, helmet, and running shoes. The costs of these items are frequently out of reach for kids in underserved communities. That’s where we step in.

The cost to train one child in the first year is approximately $650 which includes a one-time bicycle cost. After the first year the cost drops down to around $500 as the bikes are handed down to other children when they are outgrown. With support from our partners, volunteers, and sponsors we provide the following:












$80 Per Month / $960 Year


$20 Per Session



Meet Our Team

Sharan Kaur

Sharan Kaur

Founder, President & CEO

Tina Wilson

Tina Wilson, M.Ed.

Vice President, Social Media Director

Why T4SK?

We empower children in underserved communities.

Sense of Belonging

Children in underserved communities can frequently come from single parent homes, and in these cases are raised by their mothers or grandmothers. Further, the environment they live in tend to have higher rates of crime. These and other factors often combine to prevent the most supportive of communities from being developed. Having a regular group of training and racing buddies, as well as a coach to look up to, will help give the children a sense of belonging to a community.

Sense of Accomplishment

Endurance sports are unique, in that athletes have the ability to measure their progress at each training session. Each child is taught to chart their improvements through training logs and graphs, so as they run a little farther or a little faster, they get to celebrate that small victory, thereby boosting their confidence bit-by-bit, day-by-day. Triathlons go one big step further, because as a child crosses the finish line, their confidence level is further raised with the knowledge that they have conquered 3 individual sports.

Goal Setting

Triathlon races require athletes to register for races weeks or even months in advance. Once registered, the athletes slowly build their endurance by training, leading up to the race. This practice, by it's nature, will get the children into the habit of setting long-term goals, and then taking steps to achieve those goals. Not only will it get them ready for these challenges, but for all challenges in the future, including academics. Our long term goal is to ensure that these kids stay in school, and perhaps earn college scholarships. Their academic success is important to us.

Health Benefits

Learning how to swim properly extends beyond training for a race. Children need a strong background in swimming for basic water safety, and it is an effective cardiovascular workout that benefits the whole body, without imparting any impact. Learning to ride a bike is a childhood right of passage. While many kids are motivated to get on and go, sometimes having a goal provides just the amount of extra incentive needed if there is any hesitancy on their part. Running provides cardio benefits that are peerless. It requires almost no extra equipment, and can be performed most anywhere. Triathlon is a great way to stay active and have fun. Rather than emphasizing competition at this age, we focus on enjoyment, and on learning proper skills and healthy exercise habits that will last a lifetime.

Swim Instruction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about ten people die from unintentional drowning, everyday. About one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger, and the fatal drowning rate of African American children ages 5 to 14 is almost three times that of white children in the same age range. Factors such as access to swimming pools, the desire or lack of desire to learn how to swim, and choosing water-related recreational activities may contribute to the racial differences in drowning rates. Further, the percentage of drownings in natural water settings, including lakes, rivers and oceans, increases with age. In addition to training in a pool, triathlons also require children to train and race in open water regularly, thereby helping them build strength and confidence in natural water settings.

Staff & Training Facilities

From facilities to equipment, much of what our team uses is donated by generous businesses and community organizations. We are truly grateful to those who provide what we need to help kids compete and learn. In turn, T4SK provides training sessions which are held on college campuses where existing student swimmers, runners, and cyclists are invited to volunteer or intern with the Head Chapter Coach, who is also a local triathlete. Training sessions may also be held at a high school or gym when a college campus is not available. T4SK coaches are selected by reaching out to local triathlon communities. Each coach is responsible for training up to 10 kids and are required to submit background checks. With the help and support of local teachers, youth participants are introduced to the program.


Tri4SuperKids is looking for those who can help keep our organization moving forward. Whether it is coaching, partnering, or simply giving a few hours of your time, we welcome your help in supporting this worthwhile cause.





Our Chapters

Tri4SuperKids relies on the leadership and support from local chapters. Chapter coordinators organize outreach through running and triathlon clubs, and events in local areas. They manage public relations and volunteer recruitment, and secure local sponsorship when possible. Chapter sizes are determined by the number of coaches and volunteers available to assist at pools.

If you have any questions, or would like to get more information about setting up a chapter in your area, please contact us by email. Thank you for your interest in Tri4SuperKids!

SPONSORS & Partners

We partner with corporations for matching programs, public campaigns, employee engagement and other fundraising ideas tailored to the business’ market and brand. Sponsorships are set up to cover the costs needed to support an individual child or to purchase individual items that go towards supporting a child. For an illustrated example of costs associated with supporting a child for triathlon training and participation, click here.

From facilities to equipment, much of what our team uses is donated by generous businesses and community organizations. We are truly grateful to those who provide what we need to help kids compete and learn.



To get your company involved, please use our contact form and let us know how you would like to be involved.

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